Open Call: Kâtip Çelebi-Newton Bilateral Cooperation

open call
Newton Fund is part of the UK’s £735 million commitment to support science and innovation partnerships between the UK and emerging powers to support greater scientific research capacity of the partner countries.  In Turkey, Newton Fund is being implemented under the name of “Kâtip Çelebi-Newton Fund” and is supported by the UK and Turkish governments. TÜBITAK is the main delivery partner and British Council is one of the delivery partners of the programme in UK. Within this framework, TÜBİTAK – British Council Bilateral Cooperation Call has opened for applications on 17 August 2016.

The programme is designed to establish links beyond the level of the individual researcher and innovation practitioner, opening up opportunities for more sustainable, solution-oriented collaborations between academic groups as well as with the private and third sector (e.g. SMEs, NGOs, technology transfer offices and other not-for-profit organisations). UK and Turkey joint projects should demonstrate the relevance of the proposed project to the social welfare and economic development of Turkey.

The thematic priority areas for the 17 August – 31 October 2016 call are as follows:

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Energy Efficiency Technologies
  • Health Technologies
  • New Approaches and Methods in Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Education: Teacher Education and Learning Outcomes
  • Economic development, family studies, urban studies and living together
  • Optics, photonics, laser, semiconducting technologies
  • Environmental Management and Policy

New Joint Application Process

UK and Turkey applicants will fill out a single application form that will be uploaded through the TÜBİTAK electronic submission system. Please note that only the Turkish applicants registered on TÜBİTAK ARBİS (Researcher Information system) will be granted access to the system and be able to upload the application form and supporting documents. For full details on application process please visit the  British Council Bilateral Cooperation Call web page.

For questions and inquiries please contact

open call