“Log On Back To Life” Project Third Transnational Partners Meeting

The third transnational partners meeting of Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project entitled “Log On BackTo Life” was organized between  25-26 October 2018 in İaşi, Romania with the participation of representatives from Yaşar University (Turkey), Developmental Centre Of Thessaly (Greece), Inspectorarul Scolar Judetean Lası (Romania), Universita Dedli Studidi Milano (Italy) and Governorship of İstanbul. During the meeting, partners discussed the development of the training materials addressed to the secondary school teachers. Awareness raising materials and videos were also presented during the meeting.

 “Log On Back To Life” project will cover a number of gaps concerning the phenomenon of addiction to the internet and will detect others that will arise from the social research of the project and form the recording of the phenomenon. The project anticipates contributing to the scientific approach to the diagnosis of the factors that lead to addiction and help in the development of policies that will lead to prevention and treatment of the phenomenon in all its aspects, as they have been emerged from the scientific research so far.

For more information about the project please visit: http://logonback2life.eu/tr/8789-2/