FFEU Project “Fictions for the Future of the EU: A Project on Literature, Arts and Values” Online Seminar


In scope of the “Confronting Fears and Building Values by way of Literature and Art (FFEU)” Jean Monnet Module Project coordinated by Assist. Prof. (Phd) Ahmet SÜNER, online seminar entitled “Fictions for the Future of the EU: A Project on Literature, Arts and Values” will be organized on 29th December 2021, Wednesday at 16:30.

Assist. Prof. (Phd) Ahmet SÜNER from Department of English Language and Literature, Yaşar University will be providing detailed information both to the university community and the general public about the significance of literary and artistic fictions for building common values across EU while explaining the module’s interdisciplinary nature and discussing some of its outcomes.  

Seminar will be held in English.

The event is open to everyone interested, you can join through the link below:


The FFEU Jean Monnet module attempts to bridge the gap between European Studies on the one hand, and Studies in literature and the arts on the other. In aiming at the establishment of common values through social dialogue around artistic fictions among European citizens, it attempts to make its contribution firstly at the university level where future policy makers, civil servants and civil-society representatives of the European Union are currently receiving their education.

You can visit project website for more information: https://ffeu.yasar.edu.tr/