CALIPER Project Mini Report


In the context of the Horizon 2020 project, CALIPER , the Yaşar University is working towards tailored gender equality policies and sustainable structural changes in favor of a gender balanced and competent environment. What is more, Yaşar University seeks to influence more research organisations, industry stakeholders, public sector entities and civil society organizations and networks  to adopt their own gender equality strategies.

To this end, a thorough research has been conducted to assess existing gender inequalities at both internal and external level. The research has been multifaceted: questionnaires, interviews and focus groups have been carried out to construct a comprehensive representation of the status on gender-related issues both inside the Yaşar University and on its innovation ecosystem .

Based on this assessment, the Yaşar University is setting specific objectives to advance on creating gender equality plans to make the organisation more gender balanced, diverse and inclusive to female talents and pave the way for additional research organisations, enterprises and governmental bodies to contribute to this change process and possibly to adopt their own gender equalities.

The following summative report presents the key findings and the next steps for our organisation/institution.

Mini Report (EN)

Mini Report (TR)