CALIPER Project 3rd Newsletter


The 3rd issue of the CALIPER Newsletter is published. The newsletter covers the publication of the first Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) of project partners. During the past months, project partners conducted an extensive assessment of gender bias and inequalities inside their institutions and external Innovation Ecosystems. The outcome of this effort was a better understanding of their gender equality status based on which the present Gender Equality Plans have been drafted. 

These GEPs are the first step towards the structural change at the partners’ institutions, and they will put into place the concrete measures foreseen by the GEPs for the next 12 months. 

Additionally, two latest role model videos that were developed to invite people from academia and the industry to give an insight into their journey and talk about how they overcame various gender issues to inspire more girls in STEM fields can be reached within the newsletter.

The newsletter also includes the collaborative actions of the project team with the gender equality peers and more information on how to register for the upcoming Distributed Open Collaborative Course: “GENDER EQUALITY PLANS IN PRACTICΕ: Towards sound and sustainable institutional change processes in research organizations” organized by a sister project “GE ACADEMY.” 

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