A Lovely Memory From Our IP Project

As a part of  Erasmus Intensive Programmes, Musical Understanding of Society in Europe- MUSE Project took place successfully at Yaşar University, between 2- 15 April, 2012  with 10 partner universities, 50 students and 11 teachers from 9 European countries.

Antoinetta Ranni, who was one of the participants of  the project, tells us about her extraordinary adventure in Izmir:

‘’Everything started with a call.Our professors were mentioning about an Erasmus Intensive Programme which would take place in Turkey, in Izmir. Immediate questions were asked, few and essential informations were given for us to join this IP Project.There was a great chance for a journey to Izmir to experience and to share a common passion of us which was ‘’Musical Understanding of Society in Europe’’.

After we learnt that our involment in IP Project in Izmir was certain, the first things we felt were the astonishment and pleasure at the same time to experience this new adventure.Then immediate research was in place to get ready for those 15 days of July in Yasar University and for introducing ourselves better when we arrive to Izmir.

The final details of the departure, the empty suitcase on the bed before getting immediately ready, our flight from Italy to İzmir were the main steps that preceded our arrival in Turkey. Finally after a long journey, we were in Izmir with full of enthusiasm and high expectations. On the day after our arrival, we went to Yasar University campus and from the lessons to the leisure time, everything was perfectly organized. Even in the first lesson, we had given time to meet with each other.The welcome party in the evening of that first day, started to establish a strong bond among all of us although we were coming from different cultures and we had diffrenet languages.We noticed in few hours we were representing the whole Europe around the same table, each of  us representing it own uniqueness to show and to share with everyone.

The days followed by participating the lectures in the program which all of them were interesting in a different way. Before the lessons started every morning one participant country group was invited for a presentation.These lectures were interspersed with episodes.They were prepared by the expert tutors in their fields.Also, we had a chance to prepare a group work to be submitted as a final project.

In between the lectures, there were some real adventures,too. I remember with the greatest pleasure that as a part of the social programme we participated in a treasure hunting game in the city center of Izmir which guided us through detailed evidence to the wonderful world of Turkish Bazaar with its colors, its smells and tastes. The boat trip helped us to discover Turkey of today with the sunny islands and crystal clear sea.The day at Ephesus made us discover the historical part of Turkey and Şirince Village reminded the typical and traditional tastes of all kinds of markets on the streets. Apart form these, all the evenings we spent talking, laughing, singing and playing were very precious for us.

In the  blink of an eye we were already running out of this fantastic and unique experience that has given new perspectives on different cultures which improved our personal knowledge and helped us to find the right concentration and energy.

On the last day there was the final concert which all of us have been able to express our passions for music in a completely original and personal way.

On our departure day, once again the suitcase was on the bed, greetings accompanied by a little ‘melancholy and a plane back home was taken but eventhough we are back, the memory of that great land and those faces and smiles in my mind and in my heart still continues to be there.’’