Title Women’s Managerial Advancement – WMA
Contract Num. TR-ERA-18-2008-220363-1-11
Description The IP project aims to organize a “A Winter School on Women’s Managerial Advancement” between 19 January 2009 – 3 February 2009 at Yasar University in Izmir. IP Winter School 2009 will strive to do the following:

1. To encourage beneficial, multinational maturation of European higher education organizations as well as their contributors.

2. To develop participants’ mastery of strategic thinking while learning and working in different cultures.

3. To increase students’ self-reliance and self-confidence, thereby developing their abilities to attain active roles in society.

4. To develop a curriculum that builds upon a multidisciplinary approach regarding business issues.

5. To create alternative solutions to the challenges facing women in regard to career development in Europe.

6. To enable students to acquire the skills necessary to become effective managers of any organization.

The IP project aims to fulfil the above mentioned facts by creating an international environment where different approaches on women’s managerial advancement will be discussed with reference to European integration process.

The expected outcomes of the project are:

  • Development of new teaching material which will be prepared in cooperation with the partners
  • The IP will assign 5-8 ECTS according to the full participation of the student to the programme
  • The IP will provide the students with new learning skills and new methodology with an international approach
  • Exchange of experience and a platform where different approaches from a Nordic, Mediterranean, Western and Central Eastern European will be discussed

At the end of the IP the students will receive certification.

The web site of the IP project will include the teaching materials and also a discussion forum for the students and the teaching staff.

The IP will provide the basis for future activities and it will assist to extend the area of cooperation between partners. It will also extend the current Erasmus partnerships since all the partners of the IP are the Erasmus partners of Yasar University.

Web site of the project: http://wma.yasar.edu.tr

Start Date 2008-09-01
End Date 2009-08-31
Budget 28.180 €
Coordinator Yasar University-Prof.Dr.Gulcimen Yurtsever
Program LLP/Intensive Programmes
Partners Kemi Tornion University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland)
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (Portugal)
Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven (Belgium)