Digital Learning Materials for Sustainable Textile Education (Vir2TEX)


Digital Learning Materials for Sustainable Textile Education (Vir2TEX)

Digital Learning Materials for Sustainable Textile Education (Vir2TEX)

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Distance education, also called distance learning, is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school. A distance learning program can be completely distance learning or a combination of distance learning and traditional classroom instruction (called hybrid or blended). In recent months distance education has become more popular and has become mandatory due to the pandemic. However, most educators are not ready to distance education. They do not have appropriate educational material for distance learning. The Vir2TEX project partnership will develop new learning materials created by digital technologies for delivering high-quality education.

The aim of the project is integrating technology into courses to engage students in immersive learning experiences whether teaching in class or remotely. This project explores the potential of virtual reality (VR) for deepening understanding and enhancing learner engagement by eliminating the screen and placing learners in the middle of real situations through utilizing VR 360 video. New learning materials enhanced for distance education about textile production will be developed for textile production steps from fiber to clothing. The modules will be helpful for both vocational students and the new employers in the textile sector in order to decrease the orientation time of the new employers by combining immersive technologies and inspiring pedagogic content for the best learning results. It will also include the possible problems during production and offer various possibilities to be used in distance learning.

The Vir2TEX project will start by contacting stakeholders and identifying key points crucial in textile vocational training via survey or observation. According to the evaluations made on survey/observation outputs, the content of digital learning and teaching tools will be determined. These tools will be developed to ensure innovative storytelling and interactivity methods for students in the textile education area. After determining the framework of the curricula and creating the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), firstly, a pilot testing of developed content and platforms will be carried out with a sample group to identify and fix any problems before the settlement scheme is opened for full operation. Secondly, training applications will be performed using SPOC (Small Private Online Courses/Content) videos on selected subjects, and MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) will be carried out on the specified target student groups. On the other side, e-learning contents, multimedia, open educational resources, and guidelines will be developed in the scope of the project. 

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124.385,00 €

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19.900,00 €


Ege University, Turkey


Erasmus+ Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness




  • Yaşar University, Turkey
  • Eduexpert sp. z o.o., Poland
  • ETN School s.r.l., Italy
  • Alanya Hamdullah Emin Pasa University, Turkey
  • Unıversıtatea Dın Pıtestı, Romania

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasin ÖZARSLAN