YOUTH COMING! Fostering Young People Social Inclusion and Pro-Activism through the Art of Comics and Drawing


YOUTH COMING! Fostering Young People Social Inclusion and Pro-Activism through the Art of Comics and Drawing

YOUTH COMING! Fostering Young People Social Inclusion and Pro-Activism through the Art of Comics and Drawing

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Many European youth workers show difficulties in involving and activating young people at risk of social exclusion or segregation in the initiatives and training activities dedicated to them. These difficulties are a source of stress and frustration because they affect the effectiveness and performance of their engagement with and for the young people they work with every day. This condition reflects equally negatively on the young people themselves, who do not benefit from the full potential of the work of youth leaders to increase their level of integration and participation in social life. YOUTH COMING! is a project aimed at strengthening the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values of youth workers on the social inclusion of young people and on the recognition and promotion of the value of diversity; in particular, our project with youth leaders aims to strengthen their skills in achieving this goal with young people at risk of social exclusion or marginalization with which they operate and/or that gravitate in their community and that they would like to involve and make more participating. We know, in fact, that there is a great number of young Europeans who risk remaining on the margins of society and not developing fully as individuals and as European citizens. Our intervention aims to create a facilitated discussion spree between participating youth workers to share information, data, best practices and knowledge on the social inclusion of young people between operators partner organizations and their countries; it also intends to increase the skills of youth leaders through the acquisition of effective, informal and “youth-friendly” techniques and methodologies. With this aim, we will organize a comic book and street art workshop, held by a cartoonist trainer and illustration artist and web graphic designer, to provide youth workers with effective and creative tools to engage and communicate with young people in their organization and community. We have chosen the art of comics as main methodology for the workshop that we will organize because it’s popular, creative and contemporary and because it’s able to relate the imaginary (desires and aspirations) and tell the present (reality made of diversity), thus stimulating young people to reflect and to communicate their needs, visions, and potentials. The themes and contents of the training course on social inclusion are structured around the relation between self- expression and self-involvement, a goal that is well linked to the choice of partnership to use in particular the art of comics and street art.

The main objectives of our action, in line with the priorities expressed by the EU for young people, are:

– provide youth workers with skills and methods for their professional development, necessary to transfer the fundamental values of our society, especially to young people hardly attainable, and to prevent the marginalization and radicalization of young people themselves.

– improve the level of knowledge and key competencies of young people, including those with fewer opportunities and promote their participation in democratic life in Europe and the labor market, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity

– promoting quality improvements in the context of youth socio-educational activity, in particular through increased cooperation between organizations working in the youth field in Europe

– improve the international dimension of youth activities and increase the capacity of youth leaders and youth organizations to support young people, in particular by promoting mobility and cooperation between stakeholders in the countries participating in the program and partner countries and international organizations.

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16.342,26 €

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PASSI Società Cooperativa – Italy


Erasmus+ Key Action 1- Learning Mobility of Individuals




  • Yaşar Üniversity – Turkey,
  • Seiklejate Vennaskond – Estonia,
  • Asociacion Mundus – Un Mundo a Tus Pies – Spain,
  • Dyslexic Teens Dialogue – Malta,
  • The Starry Start of Talents Foundation – Bulgaria

Institutional Project Coordinator

Burcu KİPER, Project Processes Chief, EU Center