New Employability Within Self-Leadership in Music Academic Programs (NEWS IN MAP)

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The reasons that move R.I.V.E. to promote “Lava” are inherent in the very nature of the network and in the history of all those organizations that, by connecting in it and sharing mission, values and principles of EVS, have decided to work together in order to improve the management of the process of sending EVS volunteers. In fact, the cooperation between the members of R.I.V.E. is essential when it refers to the whole process of sending EVS volunteer abroad which passes through the management of applications, the selection of volunteers, the pre-departure training, the support during realization of their activities and, logically, ends in the support provided to the volunteer in his/her community after end of the service. The experience tells us that this is a very delicate phase because, after a long stay abroad, the volunteer lives often a condition of loss and maladjustment at return to his/her country, so, he/she needs to be supported and directed to better capitalize on the experience, assess the skills acquired so be able to take its results and evaluate possible job opportunities or other opportunities for further personal, professional and social development,.

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European Commission- Erasmus+ Programme- Key Action 1- Mobility of Youth Workers




  • Yasar University
  • Momentum World
  • Elva 
  • Vilagiaro
  • Aksels
  • EA-WOH
  • Outward Bound
  • Continous Action
  • Assosiacion Juvenil Intercambia
  • Mladinski Crnter Trbovlje
  • Kiononlki Anaptyski Neon
  • KobieTY
  • Contextos

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