Empowering Youth Workers to Reach Out Young Migrants and Refugees (Reach-Out)


Empowering Youth Workers to Reach Out Young Migrants and Refugees (Reach-Out)

Empowering Youth Workers to Reach Out Young Migrants and Refugees (Reach-Out)

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Throughout history, people have migrated from one place to another. People try to reach European shores for different reasons and through different channels. They look for legal pathways, but they risk also their lives, to escape from political oppression, war and poverty, as well as to find family reunification, entrepreneurship, knowledge and education. Migration is a growing and permanent part of Europe’s future. There is a pressure for a more effective EU strategy to promote the economic, social, cultural, and political integration of migrants and the next generation. European countries have differing views on both the goals of integration and the most appropriate strategies to achieve it.

      Social workers and youth workers play an important role in helping migrants in overcoming problems they encounter in a new society and their integration.  However youth workers need additional tools and support in this endeavor. They need to understand their target group, their problems, needs and expectations.

      The aim of the project is to develop and test an innovative training curriculum for youth workers to support them in reaching out to young migrants and refugees, and increase youth workers’ competences and foster their professional development.

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192.708,69 €

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63.992,00 €


Yaşar University


Erasmus+  Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Youth




  • Istanbul Governorship – Turkey
  • Eski AGH Gönüllüleri Gençlik Derneği – Turkey
  • Formazione Co&So Network – Italy
  • United Societies of Balkans – Greece
  • Jugend Am Werk Steiermark – Austria

Institutional Project Coordinator

Assist. Prof. Dr. Gökay ÖZERİM, Director, EU Center