Success Story in IP Projects


Success Story in IP Projects

Yasar University has been awarded by the European Commission as “Success Story in Erasmus Intensive Programmes Projects”. Yasar University will be published in the Commission’s brochure for 2013 as the only awarded university from Turkey concerning its performance in implementing IP projects.

We express our special thanks to all the project coordinators for their sincere efforts and high performance that brought us this award.

Short Info on our IP projects:
Total number of European partners involved: 64
Total number of IP projects coordinated since 2007: 11
Total Number of IP projects as partner: 5
Number of Students Benefited: 406
Number of Teachers Benefited: 100

Some of the IP Projects Coordinated by Yasar University

1. Underwater Photography, Cinema and Radio-TV, http://up.yasar.edu.tr/
Project Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Çağrı İnceoğlu
Assist.Prof.Dr. Ürün Yıldıran Önk

2. Peace with Numbers in the Field of Social Sciences, Social Sciences, Project Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr.Huriye Toker

3. Network Security and 4&6, IT and Computer Engineering, (3 years renewed IP)
Project Coordinator:Dr. Ayselin Yıldız
Prof.Dr. Mehmet Cudi Okur, Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ahmet Koltuksuz, Assist.Prof.Dr.Tuncay Ercan, Dr.İbrahim Zincir

4. The Information Warfare, Cyber Warfare and Open Sources Intelligence, (IWOSI) http://bilmuh.yasar.edu.tr/?p=316
Project Coordinator: Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ahmet Koltuksuz

5. The Economics of Sustainable Energy with Clean Energy Point of View (ECOSUSEN)
Project Coordinator: Prof.Dr. Edip Teker
Lecturer Serkan Köprülü, Res.Ass.Melih Tütüncüoğlu, Res.Ass. Şaban Çelik

6. Musical Understanding of Society in Europe (MUSE)
Project Coordinator: Dr.Gökay Özerim
Lecturer Payam Susanni

7. Green Logistics: Trends and Applications for a Sustainable Life-Style (GREENLOG)
Project Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr.Ebru Esendemir
Lecturer Ceren Altuntaş

8. Social Responsibility Education in Europe (SOCRESEDU) http://socresedu.yasar.edu.tr/
Project Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr.Huriye Toker
Assist.Prof.Dr. Duygu Türker

9. Cultural Codes in Arts Education
Project Coordinator: Assist.Prof.Dr. Mehmet Kahyaoğlu

10. E-Waste: Legal Regulations and Implementation on E-Waste in EU. Project Coordinator: Lecturer Samsun Başarıcı
Dr.İbrahim Zincir, Lecturer Tohid Ahmed Rana